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Creating websites is what kicked off the company to begin with! And we have stayed true to this since we opened up! We design & build websites using a variety of programming languages and frameworks! No matter what your type of website is, Loves Web Firm can cover it! From Ruby on Rails & PhP web-based applications, to WordPress Blogs & E-Commerce, to HTML5 informational websites, Loves Web Firm can cover it all!


Creating that perfect mobile application in order to get your company directly in the hands of your consumers is the ultimate investment any organization can invest in! With so many individuals constantly looking at their mobile devices 24/7, get your company up-to-date with today's technology standards and engage with your customers like never before!


While having an outstanding website, or web-based application, is one thing, ensuring that it is constantly up is another thing! With hosting plans starting at $8/Monthly, and Virtual Servers constantly online, you can rest at ease knowing that you have the best uptime possible with your companies website! After all, we are all about that Up-Time!


Today, we see more and more hackers growing their knowledge and testing their skills. Ensure that your company is not a potential threat to those cyber-crimes of today. Our security team is ready to test your website to check for any known threats & vulnerabilities and help fix those issues before they are exploited! Our team also provides web hosting & security options available for those who choose to host with our company to ensure that our websites are safe and secure for your customers!


In todays digital world, it is rather easy to mock-up a resume and land a job. Do you feel your company is not performing at its peak in the IT department? Our consultation team can come in, evaluate your needs and situation, provide you with a full detailed report on your company, and provide assistance in order to get your company back on track.


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